Some random facts about me.

Love: prints and patterns, paper and crafts, drawing, animals, reading, watching movies & tv-shows, graphic novels (yes, I am geek enough to separate the comics from the graphic novels), (computer-) games, travelling, hanging out with my friends and loved ones.

Hate: mean people (oh, and mosquitos, the only species I wouldn’t mind to see extinct).

What can I do for you?

Here are some of my skills. I have more, but making weird jokes or cuddlingΒ goats is probably not something anyone would want to hire me for. If you do, please email me.

But enough about me, what can I do for you?



Surface & Pattern Designrockstar*
graphic designrockstar
Branding & Logo Designkick ass
Photographypretty good
Handlettering & Calligraphyaverage